sexta-feira, 18 de julho de 2008


O soulman Sam Moore, que formava a dupla Sam & Dave, está indignado com o uso de sua canção "Hold On, I'm Coming" (Se Segura que Eu tô Chegando), pela campanha de Barack Obama para a Casa Branca. O cantor escreveu a seguinte carta para o comitê de campanha do político:

I am Sam Moore the lead voice of the duo Sam and Dave whose recording of “Hold On I’m Comin” your campaign has been using at your rallies.

Unfortunately, I have been contacted by various media outlets because of a story on yesterday’s Newsweek blog about how my signature song as part of Sam & Dave was blasting for 18,000 adoring admirers of yours at a rally in Dallas and how the crowd was singing along and even spontaneously changed the words to “Hold On Obama’s Comin”. Questions have included: Why do I want you to be President? Have we met yet? Am I honored that my song was selected to be so important to the Obama for President Campaign?

I have had no choice but to set the record straight and I have begun explaining that the song was being performed at your rallies without my permission or my endorsement of you as my choice as a candidate for President and that I was writing this to you asking you to not continue including my material at your events.

I must request that you instruct your team to cease and desist from playing the song as I was not asked if I minded that my performance, as well as my name and the little bit of fame I enjoy, was associated to your bid to win the nomination of your party as their candidate for President of The United States of America, our wonderful country.

I have not agreed to endorse you for the highest office in our land.

I reserve my right to determine who I will support when and if I choose to do so.

My vote is a very private matter between myself and the ballot box. My endorsement and support of a candidate, because I do carry some celebrity, makes is quite a different matter changing a private act to a public statement, something I wouldn’t do without considerable thought.

I therefore must stand firm on being given the respect and courtesy of being asked if I mind having my talent, name and fame associated to you or any other candidate running for office, for that matter.

I do wish you well in your quest for the nomination. Having been hit with rocks and water hoses in the streets, in the day with Dr. King as part of his artist appearance and fund raising team, it is thrilling, in my lifetime, to see that our country has matured to the place where it is no longer an impossibility for a man of color to really be considered as a legitimate candidate for the highest office in our land.

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